Distress Kitchen Island – One Step Ahead Of Junior

Article: Distress Kitchen Island – One Step Ahead Of Junior

No, a distress kitchen island is not where you go when you’re under a lot of pressure to cook a good meal.Kitchen islands are very popular additions to modern kitchen floor plans because they so neatly solve design problems in older homes with little space and in newer homes with open-space designs.

They’re also very functional and provide convenient storage, extra workspace, and in some designs, eating areas and bar seating.

Distress kitchen islands are just one more example of how many design, style, and finish ideas are available to the home buyer or to the homeowner planning to remodel the kitchen.

Distressed islands don’t wait for junior to put nicks, scratches, and marks on the island finish.They come that way and usually with an antiqued or painted finish that lends a certain vintage to the decord

Distressed But Beautiful

Although kitchen islands can be found in contemporary, traditional, and avant garde or hip styles, distressed kitchen islands are often in antique or country styles and their designs, materials, and finish reflect that.

Legs, frames, shelving, and cabinetry in distressed islands are made of woods like oak, cherry, beech, pine, and maple as well as more exotic woods from overseas.Tops include wood block, stainless steel, granite, marble, ceramic tile, and synthetic materials.

Storage or serving shelves, wine racks, and appliance cabinets are commonly integrated into distressed kitchen islands, and the more expensive units have electric cooking surfaces and bar-sinks

Distressed kitchen islands are in just about any shape. Round or square units are good ideas in limited-space areas or where kitchen traffic requires greater clearance or rounded corners. Long or elliptical designs work well to divide a room or separate cooking and preparation areas from seating and dining areas.

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