Granite Kitchen Islands – Elegant Practicality

Article: Granite Kitchen Islands – Elegant Practicality

Granite kitchen islands lend a stately and durable appearance to any kitchen decor. The granite is used for the work space on top and can be combined with any number of materials to convey quiet but contemporary elegance and enduring practicality. Kitchen islands are immensely popular in today’s homes. They make large kitchens more efficient, separate open-space kitchen designs, convert kitchens into multi-use areas, and just plain bring attention to themselves and to whatever is going on in the busiest room in the house.

It Lasts Forever

Granite islands incorporate several imaginative styles; durable materials; and shapes, finishes, color, and functional components that satisfy every taste and need. Contemporary island and cart styles, hip or avant garde, country, and traditional styles are all popular.

Legs, frames, shelving, and cabinetry in granite islands are made of woods like oak, cherry, beech, pine, poplar, birch and maple as well as more exotic woods from overseas, but they are also constructed of stainless steel, wrought iron, and copper sheathing, often in combination with wood and glass. Tops include wood block, stainless steel, marble, ceramic tile, and, yes, granite. Kitchen islands might also have cooking surfaces and bar sinks, deep fryers and small refrigerator units.

Cabinets and storage shelves keep utensils and appliances, and drawers and hanging racks store cooking implements. Wine racks, knife blocks, serving shelves, and towel racks are often featured, as well. Wheeled granite islands or carts are well worth considering if you have limited space or want a work and serving space that can be moved to other rooms or outside on the deck. Granite is especially useful for food preparation, is easily cleaned, and lasts. . . well, it’s stone – forever.


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