Kitchen Islands With Wine Rack – Gravitational Pull

Article: Kitchen Islands With Wine Rack – Gravitational Pull

Kitchen islands with wine rack storage are wonderful for entertaining, but they serve a great many other purposes, as well.

A kitchen island with wine rack may not be the place for long-term storage of your wines (though some have refrigeration just for the purpose), but when the guests arrive and gather in the kitchen–they always do, don’t they – having a wine bottle at hand is perfect.

Kitchens with open-space design are perfect places for kitchen islands that separate the host or hostess doing the cooking from the guests doing the schmoozing and eating, and many islands have integrated serving and eating bars or countertop shelves where guests can sit and visit.

Interior decorators point to the kitchen island’s gravitational pull both in terms of design and in terms of activity. What better place to store the wine.

A Place For The Cork Screw

Kitchen islands and carts are made of a variety of materials – woods, stainless steel, copper, stone, and others, and are available in popular styles like traditional, contemporary, antique, country, and avant garde. Many combine materials to adapt to many decors. What is most important, though, are the features of the kitchen island.

A wine rack is one, but kitchen islands might also have cooking surfaces and bar sinks, deep fryers and small refrigerator units. Cabinets and storage shelves keep utensils and appliances and drawers and hanging racks store cooking implements. . . including a cork screw. A kitchen cart fitted with a wine rack is also a good choice. When the guests move to another room or outside to the deck or patio, the kitchen cart can go right with them so wine is at hand and foods can be served or, if outside, prepared for the grill.


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