Rolling Kitchen Islands – Always On The Move

Article: Rolling Kitchen Islands – Always On The Move

Rolling kitchen islands are more generally thought of as kitchen carts or work tables, but in truth, they are sometimes so stylish and functional they really are more like a rolling kitchen island.

Kitchens with little space or floor plans and traffic patterns that limit the work area, benefit greatly by having a movable kitchen island that can later be moved out of the way. Kitchen islands designed like a cart have other advantages, too.

Some can easily be moved into an adjoining room for entertaining or onto a deck for outdoor cooking, Islands with wheels can be moved to reconfigure multi-use areas or open-space designs. Work areas can be more efficiently used when more than one cook is in the kitchen. Rolling islands give rise to endless design ideas.

They Adapt To Their Surroundings

Most moveable kitchen islands or kitchen carts are smaller in design than installed kitchen islands, but that doesn’t mean they are more limited in style choices or less functional for food preparation, cooking, presentation, or serving. In fact, because they can move, they are often more useful around the home.

Like installed kitchen islands, they are available in contemporary, traditional, avant garde, country, and other styles, and they are made of materials like wood, metal, stone, and tile with natural, stained, oiled, or painted finishes. Most portable kitchen islands have storage shelves or cabinetry for cooking implements and utensils or for foods and beverages. Some have wine racks or bar service with refrigeration units, and some have electric cooking surfaces that can be plugged into an indoor or outdoor outlet.

Many smaller units have carriage wheels on one end for easy movement outdoors. With rolling islands, there are fewer design considerations to be made before purchase. They’re designed to fit into multiple areas of the home and to provide versatility in the kitchen and out of doors. Permanent lighting and electrical outlets do not need to be installed.

Floor plans do not need to be changed. In short, moveable kitchen islands are very adaptable.


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