Some of the Latest Gadgets and Android Apps for Cars

Article: Some of the Latest Gadgets and Android Apps for Cars

For those who are lucky enough to own a luxurious or late model car, they have probably had a taste of some cool technology that can be enjoyed while on the road. These technologies ranges from built in GPS and Bluetooth hands free to IPad connectivity and back seat entertainment systems. However, with the latest advancement in technology, there are more improved gadgets and apps for cars that add a little bit of tech functionality to the car. Below are some of the latest gadgets and android apps for cars:

1.Digital entertainment system

Despite the fact that cars many cars have entertainment systems, not all cars have digital ones. For example, if one wants to have digital radio, it can be attached to the windscreen and be plugged into 12V power socket. Digital stations are transmitted on a free FM frequency and the listener has an option of rewinding or pausing. There are also car games installed to keep people busy while on the road.

2.Diagnostic tools

This feature is for those who love to know their car’s inner working. This diagnostic tools works just like a scanner, it is used by a machine to communicate with the computer in your car. One can use it to monitor the health of the car and be able to make some minor repairs. One can also be able to check car’s sensor data, performance, get OBD fault and much more.

3.Google maps navigation

Google has invented a lot of technologies and Google map is one of the best ones. This app allows the user to find locations with the use of street view or satellite by zooming in the map foe clearer view. This application is available in android version 1.6 and higher.

4.Digital map distance finder

This app is the road navigator’s best friend. It instantly calculates miles and travel times to any destination. It comes complete with in built magnifying lens, 1 button cell buttery, ergonomically styled outer, and more.

5.Whistle key finder

This gadget alerts an individual on the key’s location at the sound of a whistle. It helps people in saving time spent on looking for car keys. Not only do this gadget alerts you on the key’s location but also comes with a built in flash light and a battery.

6.Pocket weather station with multi-tools

This gadget can be of great help when it comes to a camping adventure. One can be prepared with weathers unpredictability with this awesome weather tool that offers weather forecast down to humidity, minimum and maximum weather temperature, as well as moon phase. Its 1.75 x1 LCD screen is easy to read since it has a blue back light. For more help, this gadget has a built in compass, calendar with day, date and year, as well as an alarm clock with snooze function

7.Retro heated mug

This mug is a throwback to earlier thermos with higher technological features. It allows one feel just how hot the drink is. Al what one needs to do is to plug the 12V adapter into the car’s power socket and be prepared to sip in style. The mug stays hot while one is driving and remains hot even as one leaves the car. It features awesome features such as:

  • A sealing lid with sip slider
  • Non-skid rubber base
  • Ready light,
  • On/off toggle switch

These awesome car gadgets and android apps are tailored to take driving to the next level. Each of the items is designed to add something to one’s driving experience such as increased style, safety, or just a little bit of fun. However, even with all these features, an individual may not be able to enjoy them if they do not have a valid driving license. The best way is to book DSA driving test as it is important in checking and enabling provision of driving licenses.


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